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Kingdom Alliance Builders

We are a faith-based servant organization, offering customized professional development training to enhance the management, growth, and problem-solving skills of ministry leaders.

Building Servant-Oriented Ministries

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Alan Sears
Alan Sears, Executive Director
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Kingdom Alliance Builders serves many faith ministries, including:

  • Diocese of Phoenix
  • Alliance Defending Freedom
  • Napa Legal Institute
  • Colson Center
  • Bioethics Defense Fund
  • Live Action
Our Mission Our Mission

Our Mission

Equipping and empowering faith ministry leaders to expand their Kingdom work in the communities they serve.

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Service Areas

  • Education, Mentoring & Training

    We offer leaders customized, professional development to enhance their ministries’ management, growth, and problem-solving skills of their business operations.

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  • Issue Support & Strategizing

    We take a proactive, disciplined, and rigorous approach to management issues by addressing specific needs and obstacles that may hamper efficiency and effectiveness.

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  • Crisis Planning & Prevention

    We offer professional strategic counsel and subject matter experts to help establish guidelines to protect the brand and public image of your ministry.

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Our Impact

  1. Equipping

    Prepare ministry leaders to apply and carry out biblical leadership principles in the work that God has called them to for the Kingdom.

  2. Leading

    Enable ministry leaders to lead intentionally by remaining steadfast in the good principles that the Apostle Paul listed as the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

  3. Grace

    Encourage ministry leaders who lead and serve others to consistently approach the throne of grace in a manner that reflects we are all made in God’s image.

  4. Joy

    Impart with a light and refreshing spirit that joy can be restored, and those in ministry leadership can continue to accomplish God's will.

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Alan is, I think, one of the most foremost leaders in the legal profession today.

Edwin Messe

Edwin Meese III

75th Attorney General of the U.S.

Alan Sears is a national resource. He knows more about some of these legal areas… than anybody I know.

Dr. James C. Dobson

Dr. James C. Dobson

Founder, Focus on the Family

In every step of the process, Alan... put the interest of the client first.

Paul Clement

Paul Clement

Solicitor General of the United States (from 2005-2008)

Alan Sears has been on the ramparts… and is a model not only of tenaciousness but also of a Christ-like gentleness and kindness.

Russell Moore

Russell Moore

President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

It’s a time when the leadership by men and women of character is vital; Alan’s life is a model of that kind of leadership.

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Archbishop of Philadelphia

Alan's brilliant, bold and humble leadership is an inspiration and model for me, and his mentorship has been incredibly valuable to me as I work to grow Live Action and the pro-life movement.

Lila Rose

Lila Rose

President, Live Action

Thank you very much for your generous advice and wisdom ... We learned much and you helped us clarify the important issues and questions that guide us on the way forward.

NIkolas Nikas

Nikolas Nikas

President, Bioethics Defense Fund

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The single most important predictor of nonprofit vitality and long term impact is healthy governance, yet governance is almost always underappreciated.

- Unknown
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Thank you for your financial and prayer support. Kingdom Alliance Builders is committed to steward your generosity and empower faith ministry leaders to expand the work God has called them to for the Kingdom.