Service Areas

We serve ministry leaders who share one common objective: serve the Kingdom as God has called.

We offer professional development to enhance the management, growth, and problem-solving skills to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your ministry.

  • Education, Mentoring & Training

    Sessions are available in hourly, single or multi-day formats. Topics feature the following areas, and more:

    • 1:1 Executive Coaching
    • Strategic Planning
    • Board Development
    • Professional leadership development for staff members (includes evaluating core elements of trust, vision, expectations, communication, accountability and innovation)

    All sessions and services are custom-designed to fit your unique needs as a ministry leader.

  • Issue Support & Strategizing

    We take a proactive, disciplined, and rigorous approach to management issues:

    • Identify leadership and organizational strengths and weaknesses
    • Outline existing obstacles and limitations
    • Provide recommendations on how to avoid future confusion
    • Develop action plans on how to grow your ministry

    We include periodic monitoring to measure the progress of action plans.

  • Crisis Planning and Prevention

    We offer high-level expertise to establish guidelines that protect your ministry brand and public image:

    • Develop brand consistency and crisis communications prevention guidelines
    • Identify various internal and external communication formats for various audiences (employees, donors, media, social media, vendors, and more)
    • Provide analysis and recommendations to adjust/modify communications strategy as events unfold

    Commitment to brand protection and salient communications is essential to advancing the mission of your ministry.

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Mitch McConnell and Alan Sears
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Alan Sears

Service Costs

We offer a range of customized comprehensive consultation services. Fees are based on the scope of training and session length.

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Financial assistance is available through the Kingdom Alliance Builders Grant Program and made possible by benevolent Kingdom Alliance Builders donors like you.

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Want to increase your effectiveness and efficiency as a ministry leader and expand the impact of your Kingdom work in the communities you serve?

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